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Dr. Ron Thom


Dr. Ron Thom is a Governor's appointee to the Northwest Straits Commission and is a staff scientist at Pacific Northwest National Labs in Sequim. He has conducted research in coastal and estuarine ecosystems since 1971. His research includes coastal ecosystem restoration; adaptive management of restored systems; effects of pollution; benthic primary production; climate change; and ecology of fisheries resources. He has worked on programs in systems in California, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Massachusetts, New York, Nebraska, Alabama, and the Gulf of Mexico. Over his 41-year professional career, Ron has directed approximately 200 multidisciplinary ecological studies. He has published five book chapters, over 60 peer reviewed journal articles, hundreds of reports, made hundreds of professional presentations, and served on numerous professional committees. Ron serves as an Affiliate Associate Professor, School of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences, University of Washington.