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Franchesca Perez


Franchesca Perez is the Snohomish MRC representative to the Commission. Franchesca is Chamoale: descended from the people of the island of Guam and mixed race European settlers on the mainland US. Drawn to the ocean like a magnet, she grew up in California, going to the beach as much as possible. Keeping the marine environment clean and healthy is a lifelong pursuit that she is fortunate enough to work toward daily in her job as marine biologist for the Stillaguamish Tribe. For the Tribe she manages their marine stewardship and shellfish program, coordinating multiple monitoring and data collection projects, advocating for the Tribe in emerging marine resource issues and by commenting on marine policies to relevant agencies. In addition to the Snohomish MRC, she currently serves on the West Coast Marine Debris Alliance and the West Coast Ocean Partnership. Franchesca holds an MS in marine and estuarine science from Western Washington University, and has a broad base of science experience from plankton research to molecular biology to larval crab ecology.  Outside of work, Franchesca enjoys making chocolates, tap dancing, and taking her kids to the beach as often as they’ll let her.