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Debbie Hopkins


Debbie Hopkins is a true enthusiast for the Northwest Straits Initiative. Her 20-year background in public health inspired work in advocating for education and awareness at the intersection of health and environmental policy. At the MRC’s yearly retreat, she found herself signing up for nearly every MRC project! She supports Snohomish MRC’s ocean literacy and Port Susan shoreline armoring removal outreach, but really enjoys getting outdoors to do forage fish surveys during spawning season at Howarth Park.

When asked what she enjoys most about MRC she said, "What really gets me excited to participate in projects and meetings every month is the interdisciplinary grassroots synergy of our group. Representatives from the tribes, the port, the parks, industry and education circles, all coming together to serve our community is very rewarding." We are glad to have you as part of the Northwest Straits family, Debbie!