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Sound IQ

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The goal of SoundIQ is to make Northwest Straits Initiative data easily accessible and useful to a variety of users.


SoundIQ is the Northwest Straits Commission’s web-based application to share data collected by MRCs and the Commission in an easily-accessible map format. MRC data on SoundIQ can be viewed in combination with complementary data from other sources.

SoundIQ printable handout

How it works

SoundIQ incorporates geospatial data from all seven Northwest Straits counties in ArcGIS Online REST services that are displayed and queried by the user through the SoundIQ application.

SoundIQ user guide

What can you do with SoundIQ?

  • Access data from all over the Northwest Straits Initiative
  • Learn about projects
  • Find MRC data and reports
  • View and change visible map data layers
  • Print or share a map
  • Search and download data
  • Get inspired to fill additional data gaps


SoundIQ is a partnership between Northwest Straits Commission, the Marine Resources Committees, Washington State Department of Ecology and the City of Bellingham.